The Solution

The Problem:

Current dental service delivery model is centered around the dental office, not the patient

  • Patient safety challenges due to aerosols created in the dental office
  • Multiple visits required for dental issues
  • Inefficient use of patient time
  • Inconvenient to patient schedule

The Solution:

LynkDX Dental Diagnostics collects comprehensive dental diagnostics at employee’s place of work and creates a comprehensive clinical report using state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


No dental aerosols created during patient visit

Pre-set cost for comprehensive diagnostics & artificial intelligence analysis

20-Minute appointment scheduled by employee during work hours

Employer advances health and wellness with minimal disruption to employee productivity

Comprehensive dental diagnostics and health records support earlier intervention, improved health, efficient care and lower costs.

The LynkDX Protocol is to collect the following for each patient:

  • Comprehensive clinical report powered by AI technology
  • Full-mouth X-rays
  • Intraoral photos of the teeth and gums
  • Medical / dental history
  • Blood pressure and pulse