High Performance Network

The High Performance Network is an optional service with LynkDX for those organizations looking for a focused network of general dentists and dental specialists committed to cost-efficient, comprehensive dental care. It can act as an overlay to an existing dental network or can be set up as a separate dental network/plan depending on the wants and needs of the organization.


LynkDX high performance network can be an overlay of existing dental network or a separate network.


Delivers measurable performance of dental care that supports the quality standards LynkDX expects from high performing dentists.


Independent high performance networks can reduce overall dental costs by up to 5% to 10% compared to traditional network solutions.

High-Performance Network Structure

Our analysis of your location and needs helps us create a network of dental resources that integrate well with other medical providers. It’s efficient, comprehensive dental care at a lower cost.

Integration of Dental and Medical Claims

Quality Driven

Overlay of Existing Dental Network or Separate Dental Network

Network Specific to Organization

Patient Financing Options

Teledentistry Services for Emergency Dental Needs

Lower Costs for Patient and Organization

Transparent Reporting and Treatment Plan

Preferential Appoints