The LynkDX Process

The LynkDX process provides fast, efficient, transparent dental diagnostics in a matter of minutes and brings the dental diagnostic visit directly to the patient versus having to go to the dentist office. Our process is designed for easy implementation, cost savings and effective management of the dental diagnostics and billing processes.

LynkDX Dental Diagnostic Process – Easy To Implement

From the dental diagnostic process to billing and collection, LynkDX provides a turnkey process that easily integrates into your business operations.

Patient Registration

Marketing and Communications

Dental Diagnostics

Easy-to-Read Patient Report

Dental Sherpa Support Services

Billing and Collecting

Dental Referral Services

Let our Dental Sherpas be your guide.

Unsure about what to do after your dental diagnostics are completed? Have a billing question? LynkDX is with you every step of the way. We know that dental care can be an intimidating process, but we work to make it easier for everyone.

Whether a patient, provider or plan administrator, our Dental Sherpas are here to answer questions, improve communication and enhance your understanding of your dental care. The process should be simple, and we’re here to help.

Like the Sherpa guides who help navigate the best paths for trekkers climbing the Himalayas, our dental sherpas do the heavy lifting and provide support to patients as they navigate the dental ecosystem.

LynkDX puts comprehensive, personalized dental care within reach. Patients have a great option to address their dental needs and have a new benefit that is easy to use and designed for savings.